Flowers & the how-to

I love adding flowers to my projects.  I especially love handmade flowers, but I unfortunately lack the patience that is usually required for hand-making flowers.  For Christmas, the absolute best husband ever (that would be mine, insert grin from ear to ear) bought me a Big Shot! Did he stop at just purchasing me a Big Shot?  Not at all!!  Along with boxes & boxes of spoil me rotten goodies there was the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die!  I am assuming that he bought this because it was burnt into his brain from me talking about all the super cool things that you can cut with the Bigz dies!!

I made a carrying pouch/purse insert to haul my Nook (a super cool Valentines Day present from the hubby) (yes, I know I am spoiled & I very  much love it), but once I got it done I decided that it just did not have any dimension to it at all, so I pull out the new die that I had gotten for Christmas & started to play!

I had some pretty pink & grey flannel scraps laying around my craft room that I thought looked pretty coordinating with my bag, so I chopped them to the size of my die & started cutting.

As I mentioned earlier, I do not have the patience to make flowers that are super tedious, so this one is not!  I assure you, anyone can do it!

I simply used the Tattered Florals die from Tim Holtz & Sizzix to cut out the flower pieces 3 times. With each cut, you will get 4 different flower pieces.  All I did to achieve this flower look was to 1)alternate the colors, grey/pink, grey/pink, etc... 2) Start with the largest petals working your way up to the larger ones.  Once I got the layers alternated & looking pretty, I used a needle & thread to sew the pieces together by hand.  I put in about 5 or 6 stitches just to make sure it was in place pretty good.

I thought I was done, but I just felt that it was missing something.  I got these super cool 7 Gypsies buttons for Christmas through a Christmas swap.  I have been hoarding them since then afraid to use them up because they only have 1 of each button in the package.  Once you use it up, it is done!  I joke around that I will wait for the perfect project, but then it never seems to come.... well, it CAME!!  I couldn't imagine a more perfect way to top of this lil' flower than with this bit of bling!

The front is where the show is at, but the back is all business & function!!

This was really simple to do, but here it goes.  I used some hot pink felt (the color truly doesn't matter because this will be the only time it is ever seen) & I used the Tim Holtz die to cut one more flower out to use as the backing.  I suppose any really sturdy material would work, but felt is super cheap!  I wanted this to be very secure because this is what will keep my flower from falling off & being lost forever.  I used Tacky glue to adhere the back, waited for it to dry, & then did a couple stitches through a few of the layers of the flower to really secure it.  I bought the pins at Wal*Mart.  They were cheap, like $2 for a pack of 50.  I then hand stitched the pin to the felt using a loop type of stitch.

I think this was really easy and really cute, so thanks for checking it out & stopping by!!  Have the most fabulous of days ((hugs))


  1. This flower is perfect. Love the canvas and the color combo and fibers.

  2. That is one awesome hubby you have with all those cool goodies! Lucky gal! Love the flower pin in that fabulous color combo. Thanks for sharing the how-to...now I just need to get my mitts on that flower die. Lol! Have a great day! :)


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